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Equip yourself with the tools needed to make a positive impact in your community.


Riostarter Book


Who is a Riotstarter? It's someone who is willing to be like Jesus and live counter-cultural to the world.  It's someone who is unafraid to passionately speak the truth about what ails their school, community, and their city.  If you've ever wanted to make a change and help transform the world for Jesus, then YOU have what it takes to be a Riotstarter.

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4823 Saddlehorn Cove

Memphis, TN 38125

Shamichael Hollman Global Leadership Team, Code for the Kingdom

“Jerrod Gunter’s new book is profound and elegant, smart and insightful. This playbookon engaging youth and young adult culture is a must-read for church staff, theological institutions, and more. Beyond that, this book is for people of any age who are looking beginnings of the Riotstarter movement, and how it has impacted youth and young adultministries across this country, I can assure you that this read will be well worth your time.”

Shamichael Hollman - Global Leadership Team, Code for the Kingdom

Zane Black National Speaker, Associate Pastor at Grace Church in Minnesota

"Beyond the trending hashtags, black squares on socials, and the somehow controversial slogans, there are still many of us who long to see true Justice and mercy for the oppressed. While many are losing hope because of the polarizing sides that seem to be more focused on arguing in comment sections then actually working towards change.There still remains for many of us an unsettling feeling that we can’t be silent to the racial unrest which exists. Jerrod offers hope for change that is steeped in real life experience.Jerrod paints a portrait of Gospel centered movement that is fueled by prayer and has been proven in the streets. He writes with passion, conviction, and real life experience. This is more than just a book, it is an invitation to join a riot...a righteous riot."

Zane Black - National Speaker, Associate Pastor at Grace Church in Minnesota

Uncle Reece, Christian Hip Hop National Recording Artist

“This book acts as a compass that directs people to make the biggest impact for Christ that they possibly can! Thanks for the perspective!”

Uncle Reece - Christian Hip Hop National Recording Artist





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